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"Create Your Own Collection" pricing offers more value than purchasing items
A La Carte, and gives you the flexibility to customize a portrait package
according to your own needs. Additional optional items like
birth announcements are available with "Create Your Own Collection".  


Create Your Own Collection
Select an item from both #1 and #2 to complete your collection.


1. Choose a Portrait Product.
             - Mounted Portrait (16x20 and larger) - begins at $265
             - Canvas Portrait (16x20 and larger) - begins at $325
             - Canvas Wrapped Portrait - begins at $375
             - Custom Albums (20 or more images) - begins at $275


2. Choose Digital Files.
             - All Files (low resolution, printable to 8x10) – $450
             - All Files (high resolution, printable to 30x40) – $795


A La Carte

10 Files (printable to 8x10) – $450
20 Files (printable to 30x40) – $795



Need smaller prints, too?
          Once your Viewing and Ordering Appointment has been completed, you will receive your selected digital images on USB, but we will also upload your purchased images to a professional lab online. We will e-mail you a link to access them. This provides you the opportunity to purchase gift prints and additional portraits (4x6, 5x7, 8x10s, etc)  that are up to our quality and standards. This printer is a pro-level lab, so they will match the color space and color calibration information in the files and properly print the images. Order online and have your images at your door in 7 to 10 business days.