Frequently Asked Questions

          It is never too early to book a portrait session to preserve this special time in your life. It is important to plan ahead!  With your session fee, we will block out time around your estimated due date. Contact us within a couple days after your newborn's arrival, and we will then schedule an exact day/time for your portrait session.

          Newborns photograph best between 6-10 days old. At this point they are still very sleepy and like to curl up as if they were still in the womb, allowing us to get those precious poses! One week old sounds early, but we prioritize preparedness, safety, and cleanliness so it runs smoothly and you are able to have photographs of your little one at his tiniest.  We can push beyond 2 weeks and still capture sweet images of your little boy or girl, but some of the most curled up poses may be harder to achieve.

          I ask for you to keep your baby awake for two hours prior to your session and plan to feed him or her as soon as you arrive. Sleepy babies photograph perfectly, so before feeding we will ask for you undress and swaddle baby as to not disturb them by undressing them after. We take up to three hours for a newborn session and leave plenty of time for feedings, diaper changes and breaks for mommy and baby. 
          Once your due date is booked, you will be given a Newborn Session Preparation Guide as well as other resournces to pave the way for a smooth session.

          It is prefered that you do not circumcize your baby boy prior to the session. I will be wrapping him tightly while naked and moving him between different poses which can be extremely painful with a raw circumcision. If your baby boy is being circumcized shortly after birth, we will require at least 6 days prior to your session. We will not photograph a newborn boy who has been circumcised less than 6 days before to the session.

          Two weeks after your session, we will meet for your Viewing and Ordering Appointment. Comparing images side by side on our 80" screen will have decision making easy!  We can even show you what your images will look like right on YOUR wall. If purchasing our "Create Your Own Collection," you can take your selected digital files home with you the same day as your Viewing and Ordering Appointment. 

          Once your session has been booked, we will talk specifics through a pre-consultation. We also provide you with additional information in a Newborn Session Preparation Guide and a client website. 
          All props, including an abundance of hats, blankets, wraps, buckets, and bowls are provided as I stylize your session just for you while keeping within my own artistic style. Though there are no props that you need to bring for your baby, if there is something special you would like incorporated into your session, please let me know PRIOR to your session so we can prepare.

          Yes! There are two ways to purchase. You may purchase select items A La Carte, or you may choose to invest in a collection. Our “Create Your Own Collection” allows you to customize a portrait package according to your own needs with pricing that is a better value than purchasing items individually. "Create Your Own Collection" includes ALL digital files from your session, and gives you options to purchase fun additions like Birth Announcements! See INVESTMENT for more details.

          This is a boutique newborn portraiture studio. I will spend an unlimited amount of time on your session from preparation, photography, post processing, and providing you with the highest quality images to choose from. I would love for you to take advantage of "Create Your Own Collection" and not only save money on ALL digital files from your session, but also have an heirloom art piece, whether wall art or album to cherish forever. 
          If you want gift prints only, we recommend you book a Newborn Session and invest in our lower resolution A La Carte digital files option so you can print the files how you like up to 8 x 10 in size. 


          I love to photograph all moms-to-be, but I suggest planning your appointment for when you are showing quite well. We also want you to be comfortable. All ladies are different, but typically this is between 28-36 weeks. 

          It is completely normal for your baby to wake up during the photo session and sometimes get a little fussy. Most of the time this can be solved with warmth, a little rocking, and a bit of patience. Your baby will likely require a feeding at some point during the session and this usually solves the more dramatic fussiness issues. At that point we will take a break and you will be able to give your baby a full feeding. With a full tummy, your little boy or girl should fall right back to sleep.
          It is perfectly okay and expected for your baby to use the bathroom during the session. Please sit back, relax, and let us handle everything. 

When should I schedule my newborn session?

Is one week too early for my newborn session?

How should I prepare for my session?

Can I have my baby boy circumcized before the session?

What should I wear / bring?

What happens if my baby gets fussy or uses the restroom?

When do I get to see the images?

Do you sell digital images?

What if I only want a few small prints?

When is the best time for a maternity session?

Do you photograph on location?

          Interested in a more lifestyle feel for your session? My SESSION FEES includes your photographs taken in studio, but I am happy to photograph your Parent Session, Family Session, or Maternity Add-On Session on location. I am not offering this with the Newborn Only Session. There is a $200 On Location Fee for each session that you would like out of the studio. 

Mary Charlotte Newborn Portraiture is located within Brian Lewis Photography at 7591 Fern Ave, Suite 1803, Shreveport, LA, 71105. Inside "Sand Beach Office Complex North." Directions and maps to and within the business complex can be located HERE.


Do you photograph weddings?

          Yes!  Though, not through Mary Charlotte Newborn Portraiture. Mary Charlotte Newborn Portraiture is in addition to my position at Brian Lewis Photography.  I have been a second shooter at weddings through Brian Lewis Photography for over 14 years, and full time for over 5. I will continue to do all the same things through Brian Lewis Photography,  just my day to day will now include everything for Mary Charlotte Newborn Portraiture, too!

         Give Brian Lewis Photography a call for ANY of your photographic needs:
commerical website photographs, publicity photographs, headshots, family portraits indoors and on location, just to name a few.

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